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About Me

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Do you suffer from an allergy-like resistance to the thought of selling, or being seen as a ‘sales person’?

100% of all small businesses want more clients and sales to come in the door, yet 65% of all small businesses have ‘issues’ regarding selling.

Most people think it means you need ‘training’ – but training alone does not  resolve many of the things which slow down your sales.

As a business sales therapist my speciality is to help you get more sales by helping you quickly & efficiently move past those stumbling blocks which stand between you and more sales.

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Internationally call Skype:  dragonflytransformations

My clients

My clients are businesses who:

♦ Want more sales

♦ Want more sales quickly

♦ Recognise they are not comfortable about selling

♦ Who cringe at the thought they may be seen as a sales person

♦ Are afraid to ask for that order

My Services

I offer two types of specialized services:

♦ I help you resolve those sales anxieties or issues which are holding your business back, and

♦ Delivery of a tailored 1 or 2 day programmes that teach you how to win amazing business without being a sales person.

You will find that Irene Rudan offers some unique skills, insights and approaches as there are not too many therapists with a successful career in sales and sales management.

Irene Rudan has over 25 years of successful sales and sales management experience in the IT and Pharmaceutical sector. During that time she began to use her therapeutic skills to deal with a client’s resistance to change, and used those skills in conjunction with a traditional sales approach.

As a result of her success with these techniques, she developed “The Missing Link in Sales” concept which is all about addressing all those issues which typically sabotage a business and are never addressed because people generally don’t know how to address them.

From 1993 Irene began to work with individuals on a private one-to-one basis, or work with groups of individuals who attended her various workshops and seminars. She now has over 10 years therapeutic experience assisting individuals deal with change and transform elements of their lives. Today Irene uses those therapeutic skills as a business therapist and specializes in working with individuals within a business to overcome sales performance anxieties, workplace anxieties and phobias which affect performance, morale and profitability. Unlike traditional psychological services which rely on an extensive number of sessions to achieve a result, Irene delivers a synergy of techniques which are designed for fast and efficient outcomes. Many individual client anxieties can be resolved in one to two 60 minute sessions.

Irene’s training includes a Master of Applied Science, majoring in Critical Perspectives of Psychological Practice (UWS, 1998), and a hands-on and real world experience with Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology, NLP and more.

Call 1300 120 770 for an obligation free chat

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Some of Irene’s Credentials

Masters of Applied Science majoring in Critical Perspectives of Psychological Practice (UWS, 1999)

Neuro-Linguistic Kiniesologist (2010)
Touch for Health (2011)

NLP Practitioner (2008)
NLP Master (2012)
NLP Trainer (2012)

Success Coach (2007)
Life & Business Coach (Cert 4) (2010)

Ericksonian Hypnosis Cert (1994)

and more not even listed.

NeuroLeadership Institute Member

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