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How do you know if an Anxiety or Phobia is affecting your life?

November 04, 2013 Author: Irene Category: Phobias, Sales, Personal & Work Anxieties, The Mind/Body Connection  0 Comments

Ask yourself the following 4 questions to identify if an anxiety or phobia is affecting your life.

4 Questions to ask an anxiety from Irene Rudan on Vimeo.

Aesthetic Consulting & Dragonfly Transformations – a training solution

November 02, 2013 Author: Irene Category: Dragonfly Info, Sales, Personal & Work Anxieties  0 Comments

Doctors Information Evening Invitation
Aesthetic Consulting and Dragonfly Transformations have come together to create a Cosmetic Medicine Training School.

This training facility is designed to assist doctors and nurses who are not currently in the cosmetic medicine industry learn the essential skills needed to enter this sector. In addition, doctors and nurses who are already in the field will have the opportunity to expand their existing skills or learn new skills.

Dragonfly Transformations’ focus is to teach sales skills and customer relationship skills as these skills are foundational to the building of a profitable and sustainable practise.

Our first information evening is Wednesday 27 November 2013.

7 Elements of Success Infographic

Any successful venture – be it business or personal needs to have the alignment of 7 elements in order to be achieveable and sustainable.

7 Elements of Success

Introducing Strategic Alliances

July 09, 2013 Author: Irene Category: Dragonfly Info  0 Comments

Irene RudanI’m pleased to announce the commencement of my Strategic Alliance programme.

What’s the Strategic Alliance programme about?  Well no business is an island, and no single business has the answers to every business challenge. That is why Dragonfly Transformations has developed a Strategic Alliance programme.

The Strategic Alliance is an exclusive programme which represents organisations who share the philosophy of delivering the best possible client outcomes. Collectively we know that sometimes to achieve the highest calibre outcomes we seek for our clients, we need to step beyond borders of our business focus, and where appropriate work together with other organisations.

Over the next few weeks I’ll introduce you to some of my Strategic Alliance partners.  Stay tuned.

The 3 Secret things which sabotage sales

June 26, 2013 Author: Irene Category: Sales Transformation tips, strategies, videos, Sales, Personal & Work Anxieties  0 Comments

There are 3 secret things which can sabotage your sales – things which if you rely upon the old fashioned ‘fix the sales problem’ approach you may not be aware of.

3 secret things that sabotage sales from Irene Rudan on Vimeo.