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Anxiety in Sales

Sales is the life blood of business.

Not achieving or exceeding your sales targets or new client sign-ups means your business is going backwards or dying.

A brilliant product, large marketing investment or comprehensive sales training withers on the vine if you are anxious or uncomfortable about:

    • Selling
    • Presenting
    • Talking in front of others
    • Keeping to your message when it won’t meet another’s demands
    • Negotiating
    • Delivering the good news with the bad
    • Asking for that order
    • Closing an order
    • Converting a lead into solid business

83% of people are anxious or uncomfortable

83% of people are anxious or uncomfortable when they have to do one of more of the above.  Yes you can push yourself through, yes you can attempt to overcome the anxiety by learning ‘skills’, but none of those approaches address or resolve the underlying anxiety that continues impact how successful you, or your sales team are.

That underlying anxiety affects confidence, our ability to respond to the variability of a situation, how we handle the stress of meeting sales targets and even ‘how’ or ‘if’ we see the opportunities right in front of us.

In addition, many business don’t require a large field sales force, but rely on staff to sell something to a client, or to convert a lead into a sale.  Many people who find themselves in this ‘soft sales’  position are often uncomfortable to be a sales role, or to be considered by others to be a ‘sales person’.  This discomfort has a real bottom line impact on a business.

Who are the 83%?

It includes professionally trained sales people, small business owners who can’t convert leads and the person at the front desk who needs to sell your product or service. 83% may even include a person who your business is relying upon.


Many sales related anxiety issues which may be affecting your business can be resolved in just one or two 60 minute sessions.


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I specialize in transforming elements of my client’s lives in 60 minutes

Many sales related anxieties don’t need endless therapy, reflection or analysis and can be resolved in one or two 60 minute sessions.

Unlike traditional psychological services which rely on an extensive number of sessions to achieve a result, I deliver my results using a synergy of techniques which are designed for fast and efficient outcomes.

I use numerous methodologies, some of which include Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology, NLP and Hypnotherapy. I also have a Masters in Applied Science majoring in Critical Perspectives of Psychological Practice.

My therapeutic experience enable some to pick the method and approach which will deliver the best and most efficient outcome.

My service, however, does not address deep-seated psychological disturbances,psychiatric conditions or addictions. Each session usually deals with one main anxiety or issue.

If you’d like to explore whether Dragonfly Transformations can help you and your team, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a confidential discussion.



“I had a fear of giving presentations in front of an audience for years. I’ve had all sorts of presentation training and practice, but the lead up to the presentation was awful. When I used to stand up in front of others, my mouth would go dry and I’d just stumble through. I really thought that it was always going to be something I’d do anything to avoid. I have to admit, when I met Irene I didn’t believe her telling me she could fix it in one session. Much to my surprise it worked. Now I can give a presentation and not worry about it for days before. I don’t know how, but I just feel more confident and sure of myself. I should have done something like this years ago. J. Mayor

I have one word for this .. wow! M. Thompson

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To book your appointment, or have a confidential chat to explore how I can assist your organisation.

The benefits

Start achieving or exceeding your sales target
Put your best foot forward at that crucial time
Negotiate, ask for an order or close a deal with confidence
Convert more leads and optimize every client interaction
Cold call with more ease
Convert more leads into business

Benefits like these can be achieved by both professional sales people, and staff who are involved in some selling as an ‘extra’.


Call 1300 120 770
to book your appointment


Irene’s personal story

I have first hand experience on how anxiety about selling and sales can impact both a sales person and their employer.

In my first professional sales job, with little to no training, I was achieving my sales budget within 3 months. This was a cold calling, new business development environment.

For two years, even though I continued to hit my targets, I was very unsure that I wanted to be a sales person.   I was achieving sales success because I was truthful and honest, yet I had a conflicting belief that sales people by nature didn’t have integrity or weren’t honest.

This conflict caused a lot of chaos – to me, my sales managers and fellow sales people. With 20/20 hindsight I would describe my then self as a “high maintenance performer”.

That inner turmoil also meant that I didn’t see the full range of opportunities in front of me, I avoided the embarrassment of ‘asking for the order’, and resisted the sales training I was given as I didn’t want to be one of those pushy sales people. Clearly I had a strong natural talent for sales, because in spite of all my turmoil, I kept achieving my budget.

I did not settle down and really become committed to being a professional, and highly successful, sales person until I resolved that turmoil.  That took me 3 years to resolve.

Over time, as I became a sales manager, I also came to recognize that many of my team members’ efforts were being sabotaged by their own turmoil regarding aspects of their job – it could be a real resistance to cold calling which they would do anything to avoid; it could be a visceral fear of public speaking which meant that they would avoid any sales opportunity which required them to make a presentation to others, or maybe a real fear to just ask for that order.

My response as a sales manager was to help my team using all the traditional approaches – training (to teach the method), role playing (to increase their confidence by practising), mentoring, setting achieveable targets, heart-to-heart chats, micro-managing, not micro-managing, buddying different strength people together, showing how it was done ‘in situ’ etc etc.  None of that had much lasting effect if the underlying issue was an anxiety of some kind.  None of the traditional approaches address that anxiety and how it sabotages all traditonal attempts to resolve it.

The type of service I now offer was not available when I was starting in sales, or starting as a sales manager.  Even today, this service is not commonly offered as there are very few therapists who have a strong background in sales and know what is to be working on that front line.  There are even fewer sales people, or sales managers who have experience as therapists.

If your business relies on sales, then I would strongly recommend that you consider the value and impact I could bring to your sales team. One 60 minute session could repay your business over and over.


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