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Dragonfly goes Corporate (or maybe bananas)

March 08, 2013  Author: Irene Category: Dragonfly Info   1 Comment

There have been some changes here at Dragonfly Transformations.

Last year I started to notice that about 50% of my clients were business related people who came to see me for work place anxieties, business related phobias or other emotional loops.

This was a happy shift for me because there is a lot of stress and unhappiness in many companies, and if I can make a difference, then that is great.  Having had over 25+ years’ in business Australia, I know exactly rough it can be.

It also became apparent that the type of website business people were looking for was different to what individuals were looking for.

In 2013 I am committed to growing both sides of my business so the website is all about business related services only.  The services include resolving workplace anxiety, sales related anxiety, business phobias and partnerships with coaches.  It also includes training – for both businesses and sales teams.

All my personal therapy offerings have been moved to  Here you will find Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes, Virtual Gastric Banding, Stop Emotional Loops, Stop Food Cravings and Phobias.


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Comments on “Dragonfly goes Corporate (or maybe bananas)

  1. Adriana 11/03/2013 at 5:55 pm

    Well done!!
    This looks really good- and very professionally worded!!
    Go Girl!!
    (also wanted you to know that i actually ready what you send me!! LOL!!!)

    Cheers ;P

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