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Intuition: Allowing yourself to trust yourself without knowing why

August 23, 2012  Author: Irene Category: Sales, Personal & Work Anxieties   1 Comment

Bird singing on a branchIntuition is something we all have.

But often the volume is turned down so low, we can barely hear it. Intuition is not about being able to reading tomorrow’s headings today – it’s about reading the energy and where the energy is heading or moving towards; it’s about sensing what feels strong and bright vs. what feels diminished somehow. It’s about using that data to guide you.

The thing which usually confuses people regarding intuition is that often our intuition prompts us to take a certain action or decision, and our head goes ballistic because our head wants to know “who, what, where, why” – it wants the facts – it needs facts to justify its choices, yet our intuition can’t always provide all that detail. It’s at this junction many of us walk away from our intuition because we have no ‘evidence’ to back it up. Later on when all goes pear shaped we beat ourselves up for not listening to our intuition – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard various renditions of “I knew – just knew” – it’s come out of my mouth many times, and out of the mouths of countless people I’ve met.

In the course of our lives we’ve built a solid relationship with our head and all its posturing, planning, rationalizing, justifying.
The only way we can build a solid relationship with our intuition is to use it – use it despite not knowing ‘why’ you need to take that particular course of action. The more we use it, the more opportunities we have to see it’s ‘on the money’. The more wins we get, the more we learn to trust what we are getting.

One way we sabotage our intuition is we expect a perfect score – why we want perfection from intuition, when we know it’s really not achievable in any other sphere is a mystery. Think about how many times you’ve made head based decisions about something, based on the best research, data etc. etc. you have and it goes wrong – does one failure mean you won’t trust your mind anymore?

Another way we sabotage ourselves is by wanting to hear what we want to hear. If the all the vibes in the world say “get away from that guy”, but we want HIM TO BE THE ONE, we will work overtime to ensure the message is drowned out by all that fantasy, drama or wishful dreaming. Of course in the after-guy post mortem with your friends you’ll probably say “I knew – just knew”.

An exercise I do every so often is make up a list of all the things which intuition has helped me with in my life – for example its stopped me from getting mugged, having a head-on car accident along a winding mountain road and so on. That’s a great way to build your confidence. Give it a go, and you’ll see what I mean.

Apart from a possibly happier and healthier life, you’ll also find that by learning to trust your intuition you’ll also put yourself in situations where you aren’t laying the foundation of future possible emotional loops.


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Comments on “Intuition: Allowing yourself to trust yourself without knowing why

  1. Michele 23/08/2012 at 7:00 pm

    Very professional. Easy to navigate. And lots of interesting things to learn.

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