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Personalized Sales Therapy Sessions

Irene Rudan

An allergy like resistance to the thought of selling, or being seen as a ‘sales person’ is often a huge block to the success of a small business. 100% of all small businesses want more clients and sales to come in the door, yet 65% of all small businesses have ‘issues’ regarding selling.

Most people think it means you need ‘training’ – but training alone doesn’t resolve many of the things which slow down your sales. My speciality is to help you get more sales by helping you quickly & efficiently move past those stumbling blocks which stand between you and more sales.

I achieve this through 1:1 sessions which are specifically tailored to you and your issues, and with my methodology you will start to achieve positive sales results immediately.

If you have a phobia about sales or any sales or business related issues, then visit Sales Phobias.

If you have anxieties about sales, being seen as a sales person, or are anxious about any element of sales visit Anxiety in Sales.  


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