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Resolving some of your own Emotional Loops

August 21, 2012  Author: Irene Category: Sales, Personal & Work Anxieties   0 Comments

Journal Writing for Emotional LoopsI am often asked by clients what they can do at home to resolve some of the Emotional Loops that may be affecting their lives.

What I recommend is Journal Writing – I recommend it because I know the positive things it brings into my own life. I rate Journal Writing on par to Meditation in terms of the positive effect it can have on your life. I believe both disciplines bring huge benefits in terms of our wellbeing – mental, emotional and physical. The journal is a silent witness to whom I share my inner thoughts, concerns, ideas, concepts, possibilities, feelings, meanderings. I may start writing my journal from an initial idea that I want to write something out, but in the act of writing something else often happens – and it can often take me to shores I didn’t expect. It is a place where my shadows and shades can express themselves. Sometimes when I re-read journals I am surprised at the insight or wisdom I find etched on the pages. Sometimes I am amused by the endless pettiness and pickiness of what was ‘the issue’ from some prior time. A journal gets things into perspective.

The reason I think it has a positive effect on my life is that is a forum where I can offload, sort and process. I think everyone needs a forum that they can do that, and although my thing is Journal Writing, for you it may be exercise or art or whatever.

If you are considering Journal Writing, I would suggest that you buy a beautiful book specifically dedicated to that purpose. Ensure that your journal is private and off limits to others – the idea behind Journal Writing is that is a forum where you can say or express things that you would not necessarily do if you knew you had an audience – it is your private place. Many times I express or write things that I didn’t even know was lying beneath the surface – and what I write is not necessarily a reflection of my public persona. I tend to think that all journals should be stamped with a disclaimer at the front which says “the opinions or views expressed herein are not necessarily that held by the author”. I suggest you handwrite your journal – a blog, or writing your journal on a computer is not the same – the act of hand writing with errors, doodles, strike outs, leaky pens, spelling mistakes and bad grammar is a much more personal intimate experience.

Maybe Journal Writing isn’t your cup of tea. That’s okay. I don’t know what forum you have in your life for you to offload, sort and process, but whatever it is, I would suggest that you let yourself dive deeply. Unprocessed emotions, unsorted relationships, unreflected concerns, unexpressed ghosts of “could of, should of, would of” accumulate into ever larger and messy piles – and much like a hoarder – the space or energy you have left in your life to live your life gets smaller and smaller.

Life and health is a full energy experience, and by energy I mean more than physical energy – we also need emotional energy in order to maintain our health and wellbeing.


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