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Steroids for Sales

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All people resist change

Traditional sales training teaches you how to sell.

Advanced sales training may address how to deal with behaviours from a sales perspective.

No training teaches you how resistance to change can impact your success in sales.

This is why sometimes we ‘hit the mark’ with a client, and other times we ‘miss’ the mark.

In a business environment, whether you are providing a service or a product – you are relying upon your client (the buyer) ‘changing’.

This ground-breaking course will provide you with skills to:

      • understand why people resist change
      • how to overcome this resistance to change
      • discover what you client is truly seeking
      • lower the drawbridge of distrust
      • deliver your sales message (or pitch) effectively to varying groups
      • influence others towrds the outcome you want

What is involved

This is a 2 day, hands-on workshop requiring a minimum of 4 (to a maximum of 30) people from your organisation. It is tailored specifically to the challenges you face, and your team will be the only people attending.

To support you on the day you will receive a course workbook, and to keep the momentum going it includes a post-course skill builder to assist the business owner or manager in the on-going implementation of what you have learned.

Who is this ideal for?

It is assumed that all attendees have completed a form of traditional sales training, and are currently using those skills in the field. It is targeted towards professional sales people and sales managers and is designed to add skills and approaches not covered in traditional sales training.

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Business Therapist & Business Trainer

Irene Rudan is the developer of Steroids for your Business which is part of the The Missing Link in Sales training series. She is a business therapist, sales trainer and speaker.

She has over 25 years’ hands-on sales and sales management experience in the IT and Phamaceutical sector. Over that time she began to use her therapeutic skills to develop the methods to deal with a clients resistance to changes in a sales setting, and used these skills inconjunction with a traditional sales approach. The Missing Link in Sales methods will make every sales call more powerful, targetted and successful. It is unlike the traditional sales training courses your team is likely to have experienced, and addresses the missing link in that training approach.

Irene also has over 10 years of therapeutic experience assisting individuals deal with change and transform elements of their lives. She now uses these therapeutic skills as a business therapist, and specializes in working with individuals within a business to overcome their sales performance anxieties, workplace anxieties and phobias which affect performance. Unlike traditional psychological services which rely on an extensive number of sessions to achieve a result, Irene delivers a synergy of techniques which are designed for fast and efficient outcomes. Most client anxieties can be resolved in one to two 60 minute sessions.

Irene’s training includes Master of Applied Science, majoring in Critical Perspectives of Psychological Practice, and hands-on real world experience with Neuro-Lingusitic Kinesiology, NLP and more.

Call 1300 120 770

To have an obligation free chat to explore how Steroids for Sales could explode your sales success.

The benefits

1. Increase your sales by hitting the mark more consistently
2. Maximize the impact of your sales messages and marketing tools in the field
3. Stand out from the crowd and be heard in todays crowded market
4. Increase your client conversions
5. Optimize client interactions
6. Achieve or exceed your sales targets
7. Give your team a competitive ‘edge’


“Having attended various sales and advanced sales courses throughout my time as a professional sales and business development representative, I felt this course showed me why I made the sale in some instances, and not in others. I am now aware that often it was hit and miss with various clients, and gave me the tools to head out and practice how to better communicate and obtain an order from my clients” Adriana Martins, Aesthetic Business Consulting


Call 1300 120 770

To have an obligation free chat to explore how Steroids for Sales could explode your sales success.


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