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These are a limited selection of testimonials about Irene Rudan and her work at Dragonfly Transformations:

Irene assisted me through a very challenging time in my life where I was exhausted physically, emotionally & financially and at the same time had to legally represent myself. The effects of the combination of Kinesiology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming were immediate and long lasting. Irene’s professional and no-nonsense approach gave me confidence in her ability as a practitioner and without doubt contributed to the positive direction that my life subsequently took after my session with her. Wainoni Sands, All 4 Paws Dog Training

I originally met Irene when it appeared that the company I was working for was about to be sold. The news that we were to be sold affected me badly as this was going to be the 3rd company in a row that this had happened to me, and in both of the others I was subsequently retrenched. This news impacted me very significantly and I didn’t know what to do. I was very surprised that I walked out in one appointment with a completely different perspective. I left confident and with a vision of what I wanted to do.” G. Laker


“Having attended various sales and advanced sales courses throughout my time as a professional sales and business development representative, I felt this course [Steroids for your Business] showed me why I made the sale in some instances, and not in others. I am now aware that often it was hit and miss with various clients, and gave me the tools to head out and practice how to better communicate and obtain an order from my clients” Adriana Martins, Aesthetic Business Consulting

Wow. The difference 6 visits has made is way beyond what I expected. I have more energy, I’m really excited about where I’m heading – and where I’m heading actually seems like its within my reach. I haven’t felt this excited and full of hope since I was 23 – instead I’m 52, with lots of life experience and the world at my feet. S. Anderson, Dee Why

Dear Irene
Thank you so much. You cured my wife of being scared of flying . Holidays were once restricted to driving interstate, my wife is now totally cured and has no fear of flying. We just flew back from Hawaii and the positive change in her behaviour was amazing, she was so calm and relaxed , in fact laughing as we hit any air turbulence.You rock girl. Brad Fenton, Wyoming NSW

“I have a successful business on the central coast. My business partner’s personal issues recently impacted both our business and me. I found the whole thing very distracting & upsetting & it affected my ability to focus at work and to maintain a civil relationship with my business partner. It also affected my relationship at home with my family. Since I met Irene I have overcome those challenges and its all okay now. And it only took 1 session!!” A.M., Copacobana

“When I went to see Irene I wasn’t sure what to expect. I found Irene to be friendly & professional.
After my session I felt better straight away. I have found through what came up for me, it has helped me incorporate changes in my life and to identify old patterns that I am now breaking. This has given me a happier & healthier outlook, which gives me a more fulfilling life. I would recommend anyone who needs help with working through emotional issues & patterns to see Irene. I will continue to see her as needed throughout my life” Natalie B, Bateau Bay.

“Working with Irene has helped me gain confidence in my ability to share myself better. I have noticed that I more easily talk about myself & what I care about which has always been difficult for me. I am still really nervous about confrontation but at least I put forward my side now. This is a massive change in my world”
Kylie, G, Wamberal

“My fear of lifts was for a minimum of 20 years. I was hoping it was going to work – it was annoying because every time I went into a building I had to use the stairs. In one session it was over. After that I had to go to Sydney for 4 days and in the hotel there was this 3 man lift (my worse nightmare) and I deliberately went up and down as many times as I could for 3 days to prove to myself that it [the session] was successful.” Tony, Proprietor,  Self Storage

“I had suffered with anxiety attacks when in dark places for years. When going to sleep I had to leave on the bedside lamp otherwise I would feel claustrophobic and couldn’t breathe. I had counselling sessions but it didn’t help. After having one treatment with Irene I am now confident in the dark. Irene also discovered why this had been happening to me and helped me understand the reasons why as well as give me a cure. Truly amazing!” Sarah Horner.

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